The Gardens

Let us host you in Pantelleria

Lovers of nature and the union with it, we have created our environments - both indoor and outdoor - with the sole purpose of enhancing the romance and passion


Nature strong, but sweet

We have framed our dammusi with beautiful gardens...

Native plants and others embrace our dammusi so that their sight can give you gratification and give birth to feelings and emotions that Pantelleria induces and promotes.

You will also find small vineyards of the fabulous local zibibbo, almond trees, figs in abundance, pomegranates and prickly pears ... Fruit that you can freely dispose of as and when you want.

There's nothing more satisfying than coming out of your dammuso as soon as you wake up and picking grapes, figs or whatever the season has to offer.

Nature mother and lover

We have created our dammusi and the spaces around them by ourselves and with our own ideas, with the intention of consolidating the relationship between man and nature ...

In our gardens you will find large palm trees, mioperi (special native plants), giant sterlizias, beautiful bougainvilleas, flowering oleanders and many types of succulent plants that combine their beauty with great utility.

If in fact the sun of Pantelleria has partially sunburned you, you can directly use the freshly picked leaves of aloe - abundant in our gardens - to soothe irritations or redness.